Pulsar vs SQS Today there is a need for massive and scalable pub-sub messaging platforms, as more and more companies require distributed streaming applications and queuing. For a long time, Apache Kafka was the only messaging platform software. Pulsar vs SQS has grown in the field tremendously, and organizations are quickly realizing which is best […]

Pulsar vs TIBCO In the modern world, where messaging systems and event streaming are widely used, Pulsar is definitely among the most popular and reliable platforms that cater to numerous businesses worldwide. Companies often compare Pulsar vs TIBCO when deciding on the best platform for their needs. TIBCO, an analytics company that enables software integration, […]

Getting Started with Presto Presto has quickly become one of the most popular SQL query engines on the web, primarily due to its immense capability to empower businesses to increase their efficiency and become highly productive. It’s especially useful for engineering and data science businesses. Getting started with Presto is simple and easy to use […]

Trino! The Universal Analytics Query Engine With Trino’s ability to query object storage and block storage simultaneously, data scientists are enjoying unprecedented freedom to engineer AI-based analytics to harvest rich insights and intelligence from data lakes. Additionally, now that streaming apps like Apache Pulsar support querying live event streamed data, access to all data everywhere […]

The Evolution of Distributed Messaging: From Point-to-Point to ML and AI Integration As the number of messages and computers that communicate in real-time grew exponentially, the systems needed to become more reliable, scalable, and persistent. The result – distributed messaging evolution is among the fastest ones in the world of technology. Ever since the idea […]