The Five Most Relevant IoT Use Cases in Financial Services for 2021 Let’s explore the most relevant IoT use cases in financial services in 2021. There are now more than 30 billion IoT devices streaming data to machine learning, BI and analytics apps. Much of this activity originates in financial transactions like account transaction logs, […]

Confluent Announced Their S1 and “Data In Motion” Mission The world of business runs strictly on numbers and values, and as companies slowly shift to the digital world, they require intricate solutions to accommodate their new requirements. As a result, data processing is practically a necessity in the modern age, and the naturalization of the […]

Why Do Companies Choose Open-Source Technology for Their Tech Stack? When companies choose their tech stack solutions, they have to commit their whole organizations. It’s important to ensure the scalability, security, and cost-efficiency that is so important for growth. That’s a big decision that requires thorough consideration and planning. When management chooses the wrong technologies, […]

Kubernetes – What It Is and Why It’s Critical for a Performant Distributed Messaging System Kubernetes and distributed messaging systems go hand in hand. It’s hardly imaginable to see a distributed messaging platform able to meet the performance requirements nowadays without the use of Kubernetes. Building cloud-native environments without properly distributing and allocating storage and […]

Why Machine Learning Initiatives Fail in Media Machine learning (ML) is a technological breakthrough that is changing the way we live.  Machine learning has many practical implications including the ability to help us to predict future outcomes, optimize and automate processes, make decisions, and generate content.  In most cases, machine learning algorithms can be optimized […]

What’s the Difference Between Trino and PrestoDB? Some say that the age of the 4th industrial revolution has already begun, and advanced digital technologies are the main driving factors.  The truth is that they help interconnect physical, digital, and biological worlds, resulting in the development of the latest, most advanced technologies. These include AI, machine […]