Pulsar and Trino for Data Streaming
Connecting systems to scale AI initiatives is complex, expensive, and prone to fail.

If you're using Apache Kafka or considering it, our solutions offer superior scalability, efficiency, and ease of use, while being Kafka API-compatible.


Access your data from anywhere at any time in order to query, analyze, and drive to insight. Big data analytics without the big cost.


Enable data movement seamlessly. Streaming, queuing and pub-sub with unmatched throughput, latency, and durability.


Design, train, and deploy machine learning models locally in less than 30 minutes. Accelerate your path to ML and democratize the process across your organization.

Getting to AI doesn’t have to be painful.

Our Kafka API-compatible managed solution addresses the inefficiencies of traditional Kafka software by offering superior scalability and reliability. Leverage real-time data streaming, advanced analytics, and business insights with Pandio to accelerate your ML initiatives and drive informed decisions.

Built for AI

  • Distributed messaging for artificial intelligence
  • Orchestrate your models and messages across your organization
  • Achieve new levels of AI automation 

Built for price-performance

  • Data abstraction using the most powerful open source tools available
  • Near-infinite horizontal scalability

Built for your journey

  • Pandio’s AI Orchestration works with any data, any tools, any cloud
  • Any environment, any message format, any connector
  • Fastest way to get your data pipelines to the cloud

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