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Messaging and Queuing Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Pandio leads in messaging and queuing for the media entertainment industry by hosting Pulsar with an integrated AI neural network. Our resulting increase in performance is unmatched in performance, reliability and security – the KPIs of entertainment.

Common use cases

  • Instrument source systems to transmit events
  • Capture clickstream events in finance mobile applications
  • Business systems generate events when payments are posted
  • Money transfer events between accounts
  • ATM transaction events
  • Architecting a low latency data lake
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Millions of Messages Per Second

Verizon Media provides another compelling use case, having successfully operated Pulsar in production for over five years. Verizon Media, via its acquisition of Yahoo, is the original developer of Pulsar. In their recent Pulsar Summit talk, Joe Francis and Ludwig Pummer of Verizon Media described Pulsar as a “battle-tested” system that is being used throughout the Verizon Media landscape. They shared that Pulsar routinely handles up to 3 million write requests/second on more than 2.8 million distinct topics. Pulsar has satisfied Verizon Media’s need for a low-latency, highly available system that can be scaled easily and has the ability to support a business that operates across six global data centers.”

Messaging for Learning Management Systems

Instructure is the exciting company which facilitates the online Learning Management System and media company Canvas. With two million concurrent users on the Canvas education platform, the demands on its substrate messaging system are intense. Canvas includes an AWS shop and is an Alexa top 100 site. In order to reach target outcomes in messaging and queuing, Instructure chose Apache Pulsar for its outstanding cloud-native features.4

As we have seen with many Pulsar converts, Instructure found that SQS and Kinesis could not handle the sprawling microservices coming into play, and the multiple messaging systems evolving internally were awkward. Among the challenges Instructure listed:

  • Kinesis does not support long-term retention.
  • SQS does not provide replay.
  • Kinesis needs Lambda architecture which is complicated.
  • Messaging with Kinesis was expensive.

Instructure needed to impose a singularity and they achieved it by implementing Apache Pulsar. In other words, Pulsar enabled Instructure to unite all messaging and queuing requirements in a single system. Instructure cited high scalability with minimal management and tooling requirements as important benefits. They also touted Pulsar for its low cost, long term retention and tiered storage. Finally, Instructure achieved their migration to Pulsar in less than a year! In his presentation at the Pulsar Summit, Addison Higham highlights Instructure’s shift to Pulsar in technical detail. 

Top Media Entertainment Companies Utilizing Pulsar

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Verizon Media

Why Pandio?

Pandio has perfected distributed messaging by integrating a neural network into Apache Pulsar, creating unparalleled performance and efficiencies as a fully-managed service

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  • Scale with confidence
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Ready-to-go in minutes
  • One Click Deploy
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  • Nothing beats Pandio
  • < 10ms latency at any scale
  • 2 million messages per second per partition
  • Optimized with Artificial Intelligence
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  • Proven capability
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA
  • Mission critical applications
  • Enterprise grade
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  • Your trusted partner
  • Zero operational burden
  • Teams of messaging experts
  • There when you need it most
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  • Pandio has it all
  • Streams, Queues, & PubSub
  • Integrate Quickly With Stateful Functions
  • Distributed SQL Query Engine
  • Powerful API and CLI
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  • Cloud and/or on premise
  • Flexible deployments
  • Bridge clouds to/from on premise
  • Retain control