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Messaging and Queuing for the Telecom Industry

Pandio leads in messaging and queuing for the Telecom industry by hosting Pulsar with an integrated AI neural network. Our resulting increase in performance is unmatched in performance, reliability and security – the KPIs of telecom.

Use Cases

  • Instrument source systems to transmit events
  • Real time event streaming from IoT devices
  • Event streaming from micro controllers
  • Buffer unprocessed messages to improve accuracy
  • System tracking and metrics
  • Streaming production video and data to supervisors
  • Log aggregation for performance metrics
  • Quality assurance metrics 
  • Logging historical data for analytics
  • Worker error capture and failure reporting
  • Interfaces with JVM and C++ as client language
  • Device live data streams to ML / AI forecasting
  • Machine vision for anomaly detection 
  • CDR data real-time processing
  • SMS as batch processing
  • OSS / BSS integration
  • Authentication and fraud detection
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IVR Calls and SMS Input

Exciting Pulsar Use Cases in Telecom are emerging today with the evolution of asynchronous functions. Sending messages as batch to multiple receivers is a popular example. IVR calls and SMS inputs as batch are also of interest. Pulsar is also a great tool for analysis of CDR data (call detail record) in real-time processing. Pulsar Consumers  can be configured as job executors to accomplish these functions. A Pulsar message bus streams the event data from telecom core devices and services to subscribers for consumption. Overall, Pulsar supports unmatched scalability and accuracy ideal  for use cases in telecom.

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Telco Event Streaming Platform

Apache Pulsar accelerates development and production of telco projects in OSS and BSS, as well as OSS-BSS-Integration. Architectures implemented include edge, hybrid, data center, as well as multi-cloud. Middleware and event streaming are the core infrastructure for new applications. OpCo is used for integration with syslog. Pulsar is also used to migrate data from OSS fixed and cableMobile to various systems such as TV, video platforms and more. Important data distribution use cases include customer abstraction layers in mobile, web, and CRM. API gateways and message archiving.

Top Telecom Companies Utilizing Pulsar

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Verizon Media

Why Pandio?

Pandio has perfected distributed messaging by integrating a neural network into Apache Pulsar, creating unparalleled performance and efficiencies as a fully-managed service.

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  • Scale with confidence
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Ready-to-go in minutes
  • One Click Deploy
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  • Nothing beats Pandio
  • < 10ms latency at any scale
  • 2 million messages per second per partition
  • Optimized with Artificial Intelligence
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  • Proven capability
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA
  • Mission critical applications
  • Enterprise grade
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  • Your trusted partner
  • Zero operational burden
  • Teams of messaging experts
  • There when you need it most
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  • Pandio has it all
  • Streams, Queues, & PubSub
  • Integrate Quickly With Stateful Functions
  • Distributed SQL Query Engine
  • Powerful API and CLI
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  • Cloud and/or on premise
  • Flexible deployments
  • Bridge clouds to/from on premise
  • Retain control

Apache Pulsar As a Service