Open Source

As a company we are 100% committed to open source. From running open source software, to major contributions to open source, our company lives and breathes the ideals.

Why It Matters

All of our offerings are 100% open source. This avoids vendor lock-in, fosters interoperability, transparency, and strong community growth.

What You Can Expect

When you use a Pandio offering, rest assured that you can switch to a different provider with ease. Anything that you build against the Pandio platform will be supported by the downloadable version of the open source technology.

Our Pledge To Our Customers

Anything created for an open source technology will be contributed to the community within one year of completion. If for any reason it is not accepted by the community, it will be released under the same license as the open source technology separately in its own public repository.

This pledge is made to guarantee that if Pandio creates something amazing that you cannot get anywhere else, Pandio will release it to the community so there is never the chance for vendor lock-in.

A great example of this is PandioML. A Python library that offers machine learning on top of Apache Pulsar.