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Messaging and Queuing for the Financial Services Industry

In financial services Pandio leads in messaging and queuing for the financial industry by hosting Pulsar with an integrated AI neural network. Our resulting increase in performance is unmatched in performance, reliability and security – the KPIs of finance.

Common Use Cases

  • Instrument source systems to transmit events
  • Capture clickstream events in finance mobile applications
  • Business systems generate events when payments are posted
  • Money transfers between accounts
  • ATM transaction events – real-time streaming
  • Connecting bank branches – branch communications
  • Fraud detection and cost savings – risk management
  • Improving customer experience and user experience
  • Meeting regulatory requirements with real-time reporting
  • Merchant monitoring, behavior anomaly detection and tracking
  • Machine learning and AI forecasting loan repayment events
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Payments & Fraud Detection Architecture

Tencent’s featured use case includes building a fraud detection architecture based on Pulsar’s robust event streaming capabilities. Tencent implements Pulsar event streaming in its unique internal billing system Midas to handle billions of transactions at peak times. Midas processes domestic and international billing transactions. Event streaming use cases include payments and the directly related issue of transaction fraud detection. Daily transaction totals are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In view of  such liability, Tencent recognized the necessity of a transaction pipeline which is 100% fault proof. For this reason, Tencent built its pipeline on the Apache Pulsar platform. Pulsar features exploited by Tencent in this implementation include:

  • Unified queuing and messaging paradigm.
  • Pulsar Functions reduce need for custom coding.
  • Easy to deploy in CI / CD production pipeline. 
  • Permanent storage and reduced infrastructure cost.
  • Efficient access for decision-makers in risk teams.

Important to Tencent’s successful use case was providing data pipelines to non-technical members of their risk management team. Pulsar’s innovative BookKeeper storage nodes, called “Bookies,” provide long-term message storage. Further, Pulsar’s layered architecture provided the ideal platform for Tencent’s risk management system  analytics and dashboards.

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Risk Management Strategy

Bestpay’s requirement to process billions of financial transactions with zero data loss is the ideal use case highlighting the superiority of Apache Pulsar over other pub-sub platforms. The financial CTO in search of a robust messaging platform which unifies pub-sub, queuing, and event streaming will find a natural solution in Pulsar. Resolving data loss, scalability, and storage cost issues in the Kafka platform, Pulsar’s Cloud native architecture is the perfect platform on which to build an error intolerant financial app transaction pipeline. Pulsar features include:

  • Scalability to billions of transactions
  • Failover capability
  • Automatic failure recovery
  • Latency under 10 ms per transaction
  • Low cost storage

Orange Financial, owner of Bestpay, features Pulsar in another exciting use case for the financial industry:  According to Vincent Xie, Chief Data Scientist and Senior Director of Orange Financial, Orange developers leveraged a risk management strategy to combat fraud by using  Apache Pulsar to reveal insights in risk indicator development across it’s important company portfolio, which includes Orange insurance.

AI and Machine Learning for Banking and Financial Apps

Forecasting loan repayment and risk. Influential Banking and financial enterprises like Capital One, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan may use Pulsar event streaming to train neural nets to predict the viability of loans and forecast market fluctuations. Accurate insights on interest rates and bond yields are now realistic thanks to innovations in economic model training in AI and ML. With ML models fed by Apache Pulsar live event streams, model training is more accurate, and new actionable insights are now made available to decision makers, traders, analysts, and even non technical stakeholders through convenient charts and dashboards. 

Progressive developer and data science teams at leading financial institutions like Bank of America and American Express can use new ML methods like convolutional neural nets, decision trees, and many more to convert daily transaction data into profitable insights. Pandio’s proprietary neural net based Pulsar hosting platform is already primed to leverage these ML based insights for financial institutions with bulging data stores.

Top Financial Companies Utilizing Pulsar

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Why Pandio?

Pandio hosts the perfect distributed messaging by integrating a neural network into Apache Pulsar, creating unparalleled performance and efficiencies as a fully-managed service.

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  • Scale with confidence
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Ready-to-go in minutes
  • One Click Deploy
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  • Nothing beats Pandio
  • < 10ms latency at any scale
  • 2 million messages per second per partition
  • Optimized with Artificial Intelligence
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  • Proven capability
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA
  • Mission critical applications
  • Enterprise grade
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  • Your trusted partner
  • Zero operational burden
  • Teams of messaging experts
  • There when you need it most
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  • Pandio has it all
  • Streams, Queues, & PubSub
  • Integrate Quickly With Stateful Functions
  • Distributed SQL Query Engine
  • Powerful API and CLI
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  • Cloud and/or on premise
  • Flexible deployments
  • Bridge clouds to/from on premise
  • Retain control

Apache Pulsar As a Service

Fully managed Pulsar messaging service can benefit the industry. Pulsar’s inherently cloud-native architecture provides event streaming that is optimal for financial transaction data pipelines because it guarantees zero data loss and durable, robust decoupled storage. Thanks to the leading-edge Pulsar platform, financial services applications are capable of providing their consumers with the fastest and most reliable transaction processing pipeline available in today’s online payment portals. Pulsar is therefore the core of the data processing component in financial apps which are fault-free, highly available, and resilient event streaming processes. 

Importantly, Pulsar functions include methods which are valuable in building machine learning and AI analytics algorithms for financial event forecasting. And now, Apache Pulsar provides the data pipeline infrastructure to meet the needs of ML and AI algorithms which leverage your data to keep you informed about trends in your markets. Furthermore, Pandio is the leader among  hosted solutions for Apache Pulsar, with experts to bring you quickly up to operational speed in your strategy to adopt Pulsar for event streaming, messaging, and queuing.