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Messaging and Queuing for Government Agencies

Pandio is a natural choice for distributed messaging and queuing for Government agencies. Our enterprise grade managed Apache Pulsar solution is unmatched in performance, reliability and security – the KPIs of government.

Common Use Cases

  • Replace middleware with Pulsar to update ERP for multiple gov agencies
  • Connect systems across hybrid environments (Cloud)
  • Share data across internal/external silos and data lakes
  • Logging and log analytics across multiple agencies
  • Legacy system modernization – SOA to data streaming
  • Feed reporting and visualization dashboards
  • Telemetry and geospatial system interfaces
  • Unify and accelerate microservices across agencies
  • Monitoring and auditing across analytics solutions
  • Communication among authorized third party applications
  • Law enforcement improved communications
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Contextual Real-Time Event Driven Applications

Within the scope of Government agencies the growing consensus demands a unified event streaming platform to provide solidarity for messaging and queuing. At Pandio, we understand that unifying and standardizing flows between agencies is crucial to collaboration. Leveraging vast data lakes and data warehouses is critical to optimizing fiscal stewardship, transparency and accountability, as well as the communication of public policies. Government program effectiveness and mission success will soon pivot on accurate analytics solutions. The Pandio hosted Pulsar event streaming platform empowers government organizations to harvest insight from existing data for innovative new applications and use cases. Contact us at Pandio to see how Pulsar can be applied to use cases within your government agency’s operations.

Audit and Monitoring Made Easy

The Department of Transportation now generates vast datastores from monitoring devices and IoT sensors in buildings and vehicles. Apache Pulsar is the perfect event streaming solution on which to build a message bus to unify, monitor, and audit the real time data flowing from these sources. Objectives of this strategy include:

  • Improved safety and economy standards
  • Monitoring gas and emissions to pollution
  • Provide improved value of service to constituents 
  • Federal, state, and local scope of development
  • Devops efficiency in gov developer teams
  • Government achieves enterprise level production standards

Top Government Institutions Utilizing Pulsar

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Why Pandio?

Pandio hosts the perfect distributed messaging by integrating a neural network into Apache Pulsar, creating unparalleled performance and efficiencies as a fully-managed service.

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  • Scale with confidence
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Ready-to-go in minutes
  • One Click Deploy
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  • Nothing beats Pandio
  • < 10ms latency at any scale
  • 2 million messages per second per partition
  • Optimized with Artificial Intelligence
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  • Proven capability
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA
  • Mission critical applications
  • Enterprise grade
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  • Your trusted partner
  • Zero operational burden
  • Teams of messaging experts
  • There when you need it most
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  • Pandio has it all
  • Streams, Queues, & PubSub
  • Integrate Quickly With Stateful Functions
  • Distributed SQL Query Engine
  • Powerful API and CLI
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  • Cloud and/or on premise
  • Flexible deployments
  • Bridge clouds to/from on premise
  • Retain control

Apache Pulsar As a Service

Government agencies seeking to optimize and modernize will benefit from the battle tested innovative messaging and queuing capabilities of Pulsar. Bringing all agencies into compatible exchange with a single data and message bus architecture is the hallmark of Pulsar’s Cloud native design.