pip install pandioml

Copy and paste the above to install

The 30 Minute Challenge

From start to finish, PandioML allows you to build a model in as little as 30 minutes by providing everything needed to access data, build a pipeline, train the model, and deploy to a production-like infrastructure, all without leaving your code editor of choice.
Go ahead and try it, follow these steps below:
  1. `pip install pandioml`
  2. `pandiocli register your@gmail.com`
  3. `pandiocli function generate --project_name test_function`
  4. Open `test_function/function.py` in your favorite editor, put your pipelines code in the `pipelines` method, select an algorithm to use, and go!
  5. `pandiocli test --project_folder test_function --dataset_name FormSubmissionGenerator --loops 500`
FormSubmissionGenerator is used in this example, but any dataset or generator from `pandioml.data.*` can be used. Or you can build your own!