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Welcome to Pandio’s podcast series, where we sit down with thought leaders in the AI ecosystem to discuss all things data. 

Joshua Odmark Guests on Cloudify Tech Talk to Discuss Machine Learning & AI

In today’s podcast, Matt sits down with Ron Donaire of Intuizi to discuss what it is their company does, their needs as they scale, and why they chose Pandio’s Managed Apache Pulsar services.

Episode Summary

Josh starts out by giving us a bit of his background from starting his first company in high school, to his extensive experience in industry including his work with large datasets in the insurance industry. From there, he talks about data logistics with Cloud services like Google, SQS, and the benefits of AWS. He then reviews implementing Apache Kafka to scale & its own limits, the benefits of GPU’s for running machine learning, ML Ops, and much more.

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Headshot Image of Joshua Odmark - AI Software Architect

Josh Odmark, CTO and Co-founder at Pandio