How Apache Pulsar Can Prevent Click Fraud Let us understand what click fraud is. You are searching for something on Google.com. The search engine displays the search results, but it also displays the ads. For example, you may see an ad for Walmart.  Once a user clicks on the ad, then Walmart will get charged […]

The PubSub Messaging Concept of Apache Pulsar The publish-subscribe model of messaging is a key aspect of event-driven architecture in software development, where complex arrays of filters, tags, and keywords are used to deliver text, image, video, & other content to users that are customized by device, display, and personalized characteristics. The PubSub messaging concept […]

Pulsar with Pandio: Don’t Use Apache Kafka Real-time, continuous data feeds that power systems and applications are increasingly critical for businesses and organizations of all sizes today. For nearly a decade, many organizations have relied on Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed software platform, to handle those data feeds.  More than 30% of the Fortune 500 […]

Kafka vs Pulsar: Why Pulsar Outperforms Kafka Every Time Apache Kafka and Pulsar both are used within the Hadoop ecosystem, as well as hundreds of other ecosystems, for event processing in real-time data streams for “Big Data” applications operating at the highest levels of web/mobile traffic requirements. In benchmark testing conducted by independent researchers using […]