Why Do Companies Choose Open-Source Technology for Their Tech Stack? When companies choose their tech stack solutions, they have to commit their whole organizations. It’s important to ensure the scalability, security, and cost-efficiency that is so important for growth. That’s a big decision that requires thorough consideration and planning. When management chooses the wrong technologies, […]

Multi-Tenancy on Apache Pulsar: What is it and Why it Matters Pandio’s managed Apache Pulsar supports multi-tenancy, saving you money and allowing for flexibility and collaboration among your team. Multi-tenancy with Apache Pulsar deployments refers to authorized namespaces assigned to elastic cluster sets in support of software applications in the cloud data processing. Most IT […]

Pulsar vs SQS Today there is a need for massive and scalable pub-sub messaging platforms, as more and more companies require distributed streaming applications and queuing. For a long time, Apache Kafka was the only messaging platform software. Everyone used it, and it was a standard for these kinds of operations, so nobody thought better […]

How Apache Pulsar Can Prevent Click Fraud PPC ads are great, but it’s important to protect your business from paying for fraudulent clicks. Apache Pulsar has features to prevent that. Let us explain what click fraud is. You are searching for something on Google.com. The search engine displays the search results, but it also displays […]