How to Fix Apache Kafka Error, “NoBrokersAvailable” Apache Kafka is an open-source framework implementation of a software bus that operates through a process known as stream processing. In layman’s terms, it’s one of the more common frameworks in the software world. Now, just like with any other piece of framework, it isn’t without its errors, […]

Top 10 Problems When Using Apache Kafka Apache Kafka is one of the most popularly used open-source distributed event streaming platforms. Its use cases range from enabling mission-critical apps to building and maintaining high-performance data pipelines. If you consider whether to use Apache Kafka for your future projects, you should know all about the pros […]

How To Fix Apache Kafka Error “TopicAuthorizationException” Apache Kafka is one of the most popular open-source streaming platforms that allow companies to improve their data pipelines, streamline analytics, and integrate with existing tools to improve the overall operation. It’s a software solution that is constantly updated and optimized by thousands of programmers all over the […]