Managed Apache Pulsar vs Managed Apache Kafka You’ve probably done some research and narrowed down your options regarding Managed Apache Pulsar vs Managed Apache Kafka. Choosing which messaging and queuing system to use is not an easy decision to make. Each of these systems ships out with unique architecture and features and performs differently under […]

Pulsar vs. Kafka Let’s take a closer look at the Pulsar vs. Kafka distributed messaging solutions. In the world of event streaming and distributed messaging, Apache Pulsar is probably one of the most reliable and popular systems used by many businesses from various industries. While Apache Kafka shares certain similarities with Pulsar and is renowned […]

Data in Motion: Reality vs Fantasy We are here to distinguish fact from fiction in recent marketing hype about querying live data streams, popularly called “Data in Motion.” Examples include live event streaming from many types of network connected devices such as IoT sensors, webcams, financial monitoring instruments and many more. Providing intelligence from these […]

How to Fix Apache Kafka Error, “NoBrokersAvailable” Apache Kafka is an open-source framework implementation of a software bus that operates through a process known as stream processing. In layman’s terms, it’s one of the more common frameworks in the software world. Now, just like with any other piece of framework, it isn’t without its errors, […]

Top 10 Problems When Using Apache Kafka Apache Kafka is one of the most popularly used open-source distributed event streaming platforms. Its use cases range from enabling mission-critical apps to building and maintaining high-performance data pipelines. If you consider whether to use Apache Kafka for your future projects, you should know all about the pros […]