New Frontiers for the Enterprise Service Bus Important advances in Business Intelligence (BI) in conjunction with advances in technology  continually increase the need for integration of systems within all enterprises today. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, to name one example, now consist of numerous component technologies such as analytics performance tools, IoT sensors and event […]

AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure Implications On Deep Learning Among all emerging technologies, AI has the most disruptive potential. It has implications across various industries and fields, including robots, Big Data, IoT, and advanced biotech. In recent years the focus of everyone interested in AI has shifted towards its practical applications. Paring thousands of sensors, ingesting […]

Episode II on AI in Automotive: Operationalizing ML in Autonomous Vehicles In the previous installation of this series, The World of Autonomous Vehicles, we surveyed the levels of autonomy, the sensors driving autonomous vehicle applications, and the current market. In this iteration, we will dive deeper into the machine learning algorithms used to deploy autonomous […]