Data Fabric: What It is, Why You Need It, and How It’s Transforming Data-Driven Business Decisions for Modern Companies Modern business is constantly evolving and expanding. As it does, employees often look for new ways to improve efficiencies and speed up workflows. Frequently, adopting new technologies spurs those efficiencies—technologies that automate and streamline processes that […]

What is ETL: Benefits, Challenges & Recent Advances Gathering business intelligence necessary for growth requires a lot of time, effort, and the right data analytics tools. However, many data reporting tools don’t have enough capacity to store all the data from various analyses. You often end up with incomplete or inaccurate data, which can disrupt […]

An Introduction to Compute at the Edge  Edge Computing refers to computation-intensive tasks executed at and near data sources and end users with two primary motivating factors. Massive data generated by IoT devices and smartphones should be processed near the source when feasible to avoid wasted bandwidth sending it to the Cloud. Many applications, including […]