Pulsar vs Kinesis The data-driven business decision culture extended beyond Fortune 500 companies. With so many assets generating data in real-time, companies of all sizes started collecting, analyzing, and storing it to improve their processes. To excel at it, companies need to use sophisticated software solutions called distributed messaging systems. Today, we are going to […]

The Five Most Relevant IoT Use Cases in Financial Services for 2021 Let’s explore the most relevant IoT use cases in financial services in 2021. There are now more than 30 billion IoT devices streaming data to machine learning, BI and analytics apps. Much of this activity originates in financial transactions like account transaction logs, […]

Benefits of Digital Transformation in Government In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of digital transformation in government. Included in the discussion are the role of the big data pipeline, ML, and AI, in digital government transformation.  Digital transformation is having a profound impact on the private sector. There are many resources […]

Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry Digital transformation is slowly but steadily penetrating various industries. There are companies from all niches re-inventing their processes using emerging tech solutions. Insurance is one of the most resilient sectors when it comes to disrupting the status quo willingly. What do the insurers need to give digital […]

Top 5 Reasons Digital Transformation Efforts Fail A growing number of businesses are going digital to be more efficient and effective, serve customers better, surpass the competition, and improve their bottom line. Unfortunately, most of them fail in their digital transformation efforts. According to a McKinsey study, a whopping 70% of all digital transformations fail.  […]