Episode III: Distributed Messaging Systems in Autonomous Vehicles In the last article, we evaluated Kalman filters as a tool to reduce the flood of sensor data and mollify data disparity to generate an accurate depiction of the autonomous vehicle’s (AV) environment. Likewise, we surveyed perception based machine learning algorithms that drive the decision making processes […]

Pulsar and Spark: The Future of Distributed Computing & AI Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer many benefits to businesses across verticals. They can automate repetitive processes, enable people in key positions to make smart and data-driven decisions, and minimize operational costs. However, many of the available technologies come with several limitations and […]

The Future of Distributed Messaging and Streaming: 8 Platforms You Should Know About As you already know, many businesses went online to facilitate their growth and expansion. However, all that growth in the online sphere led to copious amounts of data being generated.  To make smarter business decisions, provide unparalleled user experience, and use data […]