Why Machine Learning Initiatives Fail in Media Machine learning (ML) is a technological breakthrough that is changing the way we live.  Machine learning has many practical implications including the ability to help us to predict future outcomes, optimize and automate processes, make decisions, and generate content.  In most cases, machine learning algorithms can be optimized […]

Why ML Initiatives Fail in IoT The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept of a computing network of physical objects (“things”) that are able to interact with each other or their environment. In general, it’s a group of physical equipment (sensors, actuators, devices, etc.) connected to a gateway directly or with negotiation via special […]

Apache Pulsar in AI-Driven Enterprise Integration Middleware  How is it possible to automate integration of enterprise software applications when unique data formats and disparate protocols make integration a very complex task? Remarkable integration providers such as IBM and Pandio have already created hybrid integration platforms which apply AI-powered automation to the laborious task of interfacing […]

How Pandio’s Centralized and Decentralized Messaging Make IoT, AI, and ML Visions Reality When people think about internet of things (IoT) devices, they often think about the things that keep us connected—at home, at work, and in the car. For example, IoT devices like your thermostat, which allows you to adjust your temperature from an […]

AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure Implications On Deep Learning Among all emerging technologies, AI has the most disruptive potential. It has implications across various industries and fields, including robots, Big Data, IoT, and advanced biotech. In recent years the focus of everyone interested in AI has shifted towards its practical applications. Paring thousands of sensors, ingesting […]