The Top Five Use Cases for Event Streaming in Financial Services The banking sector accumulates petabytes of data. Event streaming is the paradigm-shifting strategic data platform. It can forever change the way banks and financial institutions work with data. Today’s banking customers are tech-savvy. They know what personalized service is and expect instant insights into […]

The Top 10 Cases for Event Streaming in Government In the business world, event streaming refers to gathering, processing, and storing real-time data as streams of events from an array of event sources. These include hardware, software, and IT elements, mobile devices, sensors, and databases.  As more companies deploy data-driven technologies like big data and […]

Managed Apache Pulsar vs Managed Apache Kafka You’ve probably done some research and narrowed down your options regarding Managed Apache Pulsar vs Managed Apache Kafka. Choosing which messaging and queuing system to use is not an easy decision to make. Each of these systems ships out with unique architecture and features and performs differently under […]

The Five Most Relevant IoT Use Cases in Financial Services for 2021 Let’s explore the most relevant IoT use cases in financial services in 2021. There are now more than 30 billion IoT devices streaming data to machine learning, BI and analytics apps. Much of this activity originates in financial transactions like account transaction logs, […]