The Story Behind Presto DB Presto DB is one of the most exciting developments in the digital world. In essence, it’s an SQL query engine built to handle the query needs of buzzing technologies such as Big Data. It was released under the Apache license, and like most products under it, Presto is a community-driven […]

Why PrestoDB (now Trino) continues to gain in popularity Many people have already accepted that we are living in the age of the 4th industrial revolution. Fields with information technology, the biological, digital, and physical worlds are quickly becoming interconnected.  These fusions lead to the development of new technologies like quantum computers, 3D printing, IoT, […]

PrestoDB Drives Massive Value for Enterprise Use The ever-evolving technology has the power to completely change the world around us, including the modern business landscape. In fact, we can say that a new industrial revolution is afoot. Technologies such as cloud-based technologies, quantum computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analytics, big data, and IoT […]