Why Multi-Tenancy Is a Powerful Differentiator for Pulsar as Compared to Kafka There’s an ongoing discussion in the data world about whether Pulsar or Kafka is the better option. Yes, both of these options have their advantages, and it’s difficult to make generalizations when every enterprise has unique use cases. However, multi-tenancy is increasingly becoming […]

Apache Pulsar in AI-Driven Enterprise Integration Middleware  How is it possible to automate integration of enterprise software applications when unique data formats and disparate protocols make integration a very complex task? Remarkable integration providers such as IBM and Pandio have already created hybrid integration platforms which apply AI-powered automation to the laborious task of interfacing […]

What are Pandio Service Accounts? Pandio is fortunate enough to run some of the largest Apache Pulsar installations in the world for our customers. In doing so, we identified a need to provide additional functionality to the administration of an Apache Pulsar installation. At its core, Service Accounts are a wrapper around the administration tools […]

Apache Pulsar & Apache Cassandra: Designed to Enable Machine Learning Machine learning algorithms’ effectiveness depends on the amount of data you manage to feed to them. Ensuring uninterruptible data streams is a priority here. However, when working in cloud-based environments streaming and processing data from multiple sources is heavy on resources and processing power. Given […]

Why the Financial Sector is Increasingly Choosing Apache Pulsar Apache Pulsar resolves many technical obstacles of Kafka, which pose operational obstacles in particular to banks and other financial services enterprises. Following suit, global banks are now transforming their messaging and event streaming solutions with Pulsar. Banks require flawless performance and accuracy in their transaction data […]