Pulsar vs TIBCO

In the modern world, where messaging systems and event streaming are widely used, Pulsar is definitely among the most popular and reliable platforms that cater to numerous businesses worldwide. Companies often compare Pulsar vs TIBCO when deciding on the best platform for their needs.

TIBCO, an analytics company that enables software integration, has added Pulsar’s messaging system as an essential component of its brand. This brings us to their messaging system, called “TIBCO messaging.” However, there are some critical differences between Pulsar and TIBCO.

Pulsar is primarily defined as a pub-sub (publish/subscribe) messaging system that is very flexible and offers an API that is client intuitive. TIBCO uses means to ensure that all users of Pulsar’s pub-sub messaging system can use the TIBCO messaging.

Therefore, TIBCO harbors Pulsar’s features, plus other features. Let’s now take a closer look at the key elements of each of these platforms (Pulsar vs TIBCO) to analyze their strengths and conclude which one is a better platform.  

Key features of Pulsar

A comparison between Pulsar and Kafka can help you get a better insight into what to look for when needing the best distributed messaging system. As already mentioned in the introduction, Pulsar is a pub-sub, open-source distributed messaging system.

Numerous businesses use it to handle their durability, security, and overall messaging system performance, which, as a result, allows other companies to opt for their application. After all, staying ahead of the game is every top business’s primary goal.

If you want to achieve unprecedented performance and efficiency of a messaging system, Pulsar should be your first pick. A great distributed messaging system is a must for successfully managing and distributing data across microservices. Pulsar can grant you such a trait. 

If we want to consider the pros, i.e., the benefits of Pulsar, they are numerous:

  • A great messaging system that can help each business get a messaging performance and throughput which is unmatched;
  • An all-in-one resource for reducing the complexity of the technical stack by allowing us to use only one tool for the management of queues, pub-sub, stateful functions, and streams;
  • Full support that can maintain all messaging input and output while we can peacefully focus on our primary missions;
  • An excellent solution for businesses that want a cost-effective and outstanding performance at low operational costs;
  • A platform that can easily be integrated into our ongoing applications, offering outstanding latency (usually less than five milliseconds);
  • A messaging system that requires us to pay only for features that we use;
  • A platform that you can conveniently update regularly to increase stability, scalability, and security;

On top of all these benefits, Pulsar is powered by AI and can even allow you to power machine learning with AI technologies. With this information at hand, you can rest assured that Pulsar is the right choice for achieving your company’s messaging and business goals.

Key features of TIBCO

TIBCO is built on connection, unification, and prediction. In other words, TIBCO allows you to seamlessly connect applications, data sources, and devices while unifying data-driven, real-time intelligence for better control, trust, and access.

The primary benefits of TIBCO are:

  • Enabled connection of your data sources, processes, and apps, on the device, on-premise, or in the cloud for a better business value of your stakeholders and IT;
  • Ability to access all your data, systems, and processes that holds 100% of your overall business value;
  • Management of reference data, metadata, transactional data, streaming data, and master data;
  • Making prospects for delivering a wave of success by data science and analytics to gain valuable insight and predict the future with confidence;

With TIBCO, we can start a long digital journey and get the full potential of our data in exquisite ways to become digital leaders on the market. Using such data-driven strategies and insights can greatly help us embrace new business models, reshape our industry and innovate rapidly.

TIBCO supports Pulsar and has made it a fully incorporated component of its messaging system. This integration means that Pulsar’s pub-sub messaging platform users can get a hold of TIBCO’s messaging platform to achieve an all-in-one app for communication.  

Pulsar vs TIBCO 

The three key features of Pulsar that should make it take the lead are the following:

  1. Tiered storage – the architecture of Pulsar is multi-layered, which means that it can cloud the processing and data storage separately. Moreover, tiered storage means that you can retain backlogs of your messages for an unlimited amount of time;
  2. Geo-replication – Pulsar supports geo-replication with the features included in the platform. You won’t need any additional tools;  
  3. Multi-tenancy (queue, stream, pub-sub) – Pulsar allows you to combine queues, streams, and pub-subs on the same platform;

Yes, these features of Pulsar are highly beneficial, and if you want free storage for your messages, Pulsar is the way to go.  For TIBCO, you will need to pay for storage monthly at the price of $25 or yearly at $250 for 25 GB of storage.

However, suppose you are keener on making predictions for the future, improving all your industry segments, and examining new business strategies and models by connecting and unifying data through TIBCO. In that case, you should choose this platform.


TIBCO has embraced Pulsar and has incorporated it into its digital business. With TIBCO, you can access Pulsar’s messaging-type system and achieve a unification that aims at increasing the control, trust, and access to your data with real-time intelligence.

If you want to build a foundation for your company and prepare it for digital innovation to meet all the requirements of our data-centric market, TIBCO can help. Its three primary traits are prediction for the future, unification, and connection.

On the other hand, if all you want is a top-notch distributed messaging system with independent storage levels, zero loss of data, geo-replication, and multi-tenancy, then Pulsar should be your first and inevitable pick.

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