Five Most Common Use Cases for Presto in the Federal Government


Apache Presto and Trino are immensely powerful, scalable, and open-source SQL engines designed to handle enormous amounts of data. Presto dominates the world of SQL engines as it makes use of top-tier technology that allows Presto to query multiple databases, operate with a range of systems, and use innovative solutions such as multi-querying, direct pipelines, and run interactive analytics all at a record pace.

Apache Presto was initially developed by Facebook to handle their petabytes-upon-petabytes of data and has since been donated to the Linux Foundation. Its open-source nature lets everyone modify the software and adapt it towards their specific needs.

These days, Presto is used by megacorporations such as Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Atlassian, Hilton, and many many more – but that begs the question:

“When are government agencies going to start using presto?”

Well, some government agencies already use Presto, but its use in federal applications is quite limited. In this article, we’ll explore what makes presto ideal for Federal applications and define five ways the government can use this top-shelf SQL query engine.

So, what makes Presto ideal for Federal Applications?


Presto is one of the world’s most sophisticated SQL Query engines, and it has more than a couple of uses in the corporate space. While the megacorporations are the primary users of SQL engines, the federal government also uses Presto in various ways.

Not only is Presto a sophisticated querying software, but its open-source nature allows it to be modified and adapted for any practical purpose.

Another thing that makes Presto the ideal SQL and analysis engine for governmental applications is that it offers seamless integration with existing ecosystems and frameworks. It means that the monolithic federal government can benefit massively from implementing a querying solution such as Apache Presto. Here are the five of the biggest benefits.

Analyzing Large Databases


The primary use of Presto can be very useful for federal applications. The government, or at least particular sectors of it, deal with enormous amounts of data. It’s speculated that some governmental sectors have zetabytes of data – surveying that data, digging through it, and sending SQL queries is near impossible without the proper tools.

Since Presto uses a unique system allowing it to scour through massive databases, it’s the only tool that is currently available that can handle such large amounts of data in any capacity.

Furthermore, the open-source nature of Presto dictates that it can be modified to handle even larger databases than it initially could – making it a perfect option for government organizations.

Detecting Fraud and Tax Evasion


Fraud and Tax Evasion are notoriously difficult to detect. Every year, there are billions of forms filed, scanned, and indexed – manually surveying all of them would be practically impossible. The IRS already uses a SQL engine to handle its operations, but the system is not nearly sophisticated or fast enough to detect every instance of tax evasion.

Surveying, fetching, and analyzing all the data in the immense data pools of the IRS is best left to software such as Presto, which comes with a direct pipeline, allowing data to flow freely, quickly, and efficiently.

Furthermore, Presto is an ideal tool for detecting fraud – as its analytical properties make it easy to detect anomalies in most cases. Since there is zero chance of data loss, it’s also a safe option for the federal application.

Preventing Cybercrime


Cybercrime is on the rise. The pandemic has most of us stuck at home, meaning there are more people online now than ever in the past – setting the stage perfectly for Cybercrime. While preventing Cybercrime isn’t the primary role of the federal government – it’s a very active part of law enforcement, which is a part of the government.

The police can use software such as Presto for extrapolating and analyzing vast amounts of data that help with cybercrime prevention, spreading awareness, and detecting brand new threats.

Cybercrime is a constant, and it is ever-evolving. If the agencies that protect the people against Cybercrime don’t adapt by using technologies such as Presto, they’ll likely stay one step behind the cybercriminals.

Licencing and Regulation


One of the biggest things the government does is issue licenses and regulate businesses. A lot of the government’s revenue comes from companies and licensing agencies, so investing in optimizing the process is a smart choice. This process is pretty archaic in its current rendition and needs the technological optimization that Presto can bring to the table.

Presto can streamline the licensing and regulation process considerably. It allows government agencies to fetch large quantities of data and deliver them promptly, streamlining the registration, regulation, and licensing processes.

Improved Data Sharing


Sharing data is one of the pinnacles of the digital world, and you’d be surprised just how much data the government shares with us. Nearly everything that is public record is readily available for those who want to look at it.

Since most governmental forms, personal information, and a range of other data is available exclusively on governmental websites – it’s crucial to have a powerful SQL engine to retrieve all the data available. Furthermore, analyzing such vast quantities of data is challenging. By implementing a solution such as Presto, the government can cover all their analysis and data sharing needs.

In Conclusion


Presto is the world’s most sophisticated SQL engine that plays a pivotal role in data science – and it’s an irreplaceable tool for several federal and corporate applications.

Since presto is lightweight and open source, integrating it within the existing corporate or governmental infrastructure and framework is a seamless process that yields quick, impressive, and consistent results.

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