Don’t Analyze Some of Your Data. Exploit ALL of It!

Managed Presto has become quite a frequent term in the data science and data management circles. This intuitive and extremely powerful SQL query engine has been used more and more for churning through unlimited quantities of big data. 

Presto has many deployments in the digital world. However, its distributed SQL query engine that supports many data sources is still largely undiscovered by data analysts, developers, and others who could benefit from using it.

Managed Presto is quite different from other data warehousing solutions. It is a federated solution for executing an SQL query in the place where your data resides without the need to bring the data to it or invest in additional infrastructure. 

It is designed to allow end-users to access incredibly large data sets and perform interactive queries and ad hoc analyses. Still, unlike similar solutions, Presto takes quite a different approach to executing queries to allow the user to save time, effort, and resources. 

Its ability to perform queries where data resides instead of bringing the data to it allows users to keep the data where it lives and still perform SQL queries across their distributed system while moving data between servers according to their specific needs. That brings many benefits, including significantly expediting query execution time.

How managed Presto works

Presto differs from traditional data warehousing solutions because it is an SQL query engine. Instead of dealing with data warehouses that control how data is read and written and where it resides, Presto simplifies the entire data management process by completely eliminating the need for getting your data into a warehouse environment. 

This approach allows the user to use the same ANSI SQL language they’re familiar with to decouple data storage from processing. Presto comes with an array of connectors that allow it to perform a query in place over target data sets. 

These connectors are plug-ins that allow Presto to write and read data to external data systems. In other words, managed Presto uses the same data formats such as JSON, Parquet, Avro, ORC, and many more to read data from the same tables and schemas. 

That’s why Presto is compatible with other similar querying solutions such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Hive, and many others. Since Presto uses the decoupled storage model, it gives the user the advantage of getting a single federated view of all their data, no matter where it is stored. 

Managed Presto significantly improves the capabilities of ad hoc querying, taking it to the next level. However, what makes it simply irreplaceable for modern businesses is its ability to provide interactive query times over gigantic data sets in the cloud or on-premises.

Since the biggest problems for modern businesses come from managing multiple data pipelines, performance optimization, and data analysis, they need a unified solution that will allow them to optimize and manage gigantic data clusters without wasting too much time, effort, and resources and managed Presto is the one-size-fits-all answer to all their questions.

Presto is an easily scalable and user-friendly solution

One of the biggest benefits coming from using Presto is the power of interactive querying of incredibly large amounts of data in a timely manner. Aside from being a cost-efficient solution, Presto also provides the user with simplicity and unprecedented ease of use. 

In addition, it’s also fully compatible with a myriad of data sources, including traditional relational databases, flat files, data marts, data lakes, data pools, etc. When it comes to using Presto, businesses can choose from two solutions:

  • A managed Presto service
  • In-house or on-premises service

Both solutions allow companies to save resources by eliminating the need to invest in any additional architecture, infrastructure, administration, or additional support. 

With Presto, you get the advantage of performing a query in the place where your data resides, allowing you to keep your data organized, filtered, and securely stored in a unified, always available, and easily accessible place. It’s a place from which your data could be consolidated, sorted, and interactively queried. 

Since getting all your business data in one place isn’t only expensive but highly time-consuming, Presto can help manage your data storage while maintaining the highest levels of data relevancy and accuracy.

Presto is an excellent solution for optimizing and managing your data clusters!

The main advantage of managed Presto over other similar solutions is that you can query data without moving it, as that helps businesses avoid the cost of investing in the additional infrastructure needed for transferring data. However, Presto offers one more advantage that is even more valuable to modern business organizations – the ability to separate storage and computing power

Its lightweight architecture allows you to take your querying needs directly to your data source. More importantly, it optimizes and manages your massive and complex data systems and clusters with absolute ease. 

It also makes Presto an excellent tool for businesses looking for a fully scalable data querying and analyzing solution. Whether your data sources include traditional, non-relational, or columnar databases, Presto will handle any load of data at any time in a matter of seconds. 

Modern businesses need managed Presto services as they allow them to reap quite a few excellent benefits:

  • Presto eliminates the need to invest in additional infrastructure, allowing businesses to save their resources.
  • Presto can be easily applied to your existing cloud infrastructure, thus eliminating the need to move your data.
  • It can perform interactive queries and fast analysis on any amount of data.
  • Presto allows for a simple and easy integration process as you can easily apply it to your existing systems.
  • You can use it to target multiple data sources where they reside and conduct multi-layered queries.
  • Instead of having access to some of your data, Presto allows you to exploit all of it without breaking your budget.
  • Presto allows you to save resources, effort, and time by easily automating your entire data cluster management.
  • A managed Presto service is available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing users to select the features they really need.

Presto is one of the most competitive, fastest, most secure, reliable, and scalable open-source solutions that allows you to perform unlimited SQL queries with unprecedented efficiency, scalability, cost-efficiency, and seamless integration.

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