The PubSub Messaging Concept of Apache Pulsar

The publish-subscribe model of messaging is a key aspect of event-driven architecture in software development, where complex arrays of filters, tags, and keywords are used to deliver text, image, video, & other content to users that are customized by device, display, and personalized characteristics. The PubSub messaging concept is now commonly utilized in social networking and e-commerce applications. For example, a user who follows a particular profile on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn will automatically see post content from the source page on a variety of customized individual displays. In e-commerce, user displays may be constructed around keywords, suggested products, or AI recommendations from the recent browsing history. How PubSub messages are displayed in a social media or e-commerce application depends on the code behind the functionality. The unique aspects of the Apache Pulsar PubSub messaging concept reference data center architecture (hardware & software in the service mesh) with a focus on elastic cluster solutions that support enterprise web traffic.

Cloud Software: Messaging in Social Media & Ecommerce

Enterprise corporations are increasingly adopting Apache Pulsar in the data center because of performance optimizations, where the framework was specifically designed for the requirements of cloud-native software development. Large companies and startup teams of programmers build on the Apache Pulsar framework with custom code written in Java, Python, Go, and other languages to create new web/mobile applications for products and brands. In managing the database information for users in these applications, there are many different methods and solutions. However, the PubSub model of software application development has been standardized across the large variety of databases, programming languages, web server frameworks, and operating systems. The PubSub messaging concept operates as a technical fundamental in how software applications in the cloud era are designed, programmed, and hosted on web servers in daily operations. This includes integrated network security, load balancing across multiple data centers, synchronization across elastic web server clusters, data metrics, & user analytics that are based on packet inspection on I/O requests at the event or messaging level. All of these can now be integrated with Apache Pulsar & Bookkeeper’s PubSub functionality in order to optimize web server performance for the most popular apps. 

DevOps Support: The Web Server Stack & Service Mesh

The PubSub model of software orchestration was developed to meet the particular needs of web and mobile applications but depends on the implementation of custom code from the programming team and the integration with the webserver stack. Enterprise data center management has trended towards the establishment of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solutions based on virtualization, containerization, elastic cluster web servers, and automation. Under this construct of cloud operations, the largest SaaS companies like Google may have over 1 billion active containers in operation at any given time. The web server stack includes the operating system, server software (Apache, NGINX, Node.js, IIS, etc.), programming language, and database support. There is a wide variation in the webserver stack software used by each application traditionally, which becomes even more multiplied with increasing adoption of microservices. The service mesh adds an extra layer of code across all of the running partitions that are related to data center management. The service mesh allows load balancing software or anti-virus scanning driven by AI to operate at a meta-level above the webserver stack to manage all of the container instances in production with automation in elastic cluster support. 

Agile Software Development: Programming Applications

Agile programming teams creating new software for enterprise corporations, government agencies, sports teams, mass media publications, e-commerce sites, and video portals all have unique requirements for their cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that demand customized data center support to manage with 24/7/365 uptime. High-availability (HA) service requirements and “always-on” functionality necessitate multiple data centers and service providers to attain. Multinational brands need to support legal compliance across a variety of regions with different laws concerning data privacy. Consequently, there has been shared support in the software development community around the open-source standards related to Apache Pulsar. The PubSub model applies to software applications created with many different programming languages and databases so that complex organizations can create the cloud scalability required by web/mobile traffic from their own existing resources. Many companies find it is cheaper and more efficient to program new applications on event-driven architecture for e-commerce, social networking, web publishing, etc. than to modernize legacy applications. It is important to emphasize that the decision to adopt Apache Pulsar will support either IT model, i.e., legacy application & database modernization or new software development, depending on the needs, budget, interest, goals, talent, etc. of the company.

Summary: Pulsar Optimizes Enterprise Software

Enterprise corporations and startups compete in software development by building the best products for web and mobile devices. Consumers demand customized content based on their unique habits, characteristics, and tastes. The PubSub model is ubiquitous in social media and e-commerce development, with the largest brands and websites. Each company has a unique strategy, codebase, and proprietary approach to database management and software development. Apache Pulsar is implemented for advanced data center management in enterprise software publishing when the application needs to support the highest rates of web traffic. SubPub messaging is a technical method that ensures users are able to receive customized content feeds from friends, likes, previous purchases, and special promotions automatically. Apache Pulsar is utilized so that events and messages are processed at the fastest speeds possible when executing code for user-profiles and e-commerce purchases in web/mobile applications. The choice of programming language, database format, and web server platform utilized will further impact the performance and functionality of these cloud software applications in production. 

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