Getting Started with Presto

Presto has quickly become one of the most popular SQL query engines on the web, primarily due to its immense capability to empower businesses to increase their efficiency and become highly productive. It’s especially useful for engineering and data science businesses. Getting started with Presto is simple and easy to use

Pandio’s managed Presto service is gaining momentum across a wide range of industries as it allows companies of all sizes to gather and handle data without the need to move it physically. Since the number of online businesses is increasing every day, it has become quite challenging to manage big data and use it to your advantage as its volume also increases exponentially. 

The most significant issues come from data analysis, performance optimization, and managing multiple data pipelines. Managing and optimizing huge data clusters requires a lot of time and energy, which leads to many businesses looking for the best solutions to solve this problem. 

A cost-efficient, user-friendly, and easily scalable solution

Presto’s biggest strength is interactive querying of vast loads of data quickly. Aside from ease of use and sheer simplicity, Presto is also compatible with a wide range of data sources, including data pools, data lakes, data marts, flat files, traditional relational databases, etc. 

More importantly, it also provides support for in-house (on-prem) or managed service. In other words, your business organization can use a managed Presto service without having to invest in any additional support, administration, or architecture. 

Since your organization must manage vast amounts of data daily, the best course of action is to keep all data sorted and securely stored in one, easily accessible, and always available place from where the data could be queried, filtered, and consolidated. 

However, the process of gathering all your business data in one place is time-consuming and quite expensive. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this challenge by using Presto. Aside from keeping all your data in a safe and secure place, Presto will also help ensure your data is accurate and relevant.

Save time and energy to manage and optimize your data clusters

Since Presto allows you to query your data without moving it, there’s no additional cost or the need to invest in new infrastructure. You can query your data without having to spend too much time and effort or break your budget. 

One of the biggest benefits of using managed Presto is the ability to separate computing power and storage. Since it’s lightweight, Presto allows you to bring your query processing directly to your data source, as well as manage and optimize massive data clusters and complex systems with ease. 

It also offers an array of connectors that allow you to gather data from various data sources, including columnar, non-relational, and traditional databases. Presto uses the open-code base, so it eliminates the need for coding. 

You can choose the wanted database or any other source from any cluster and attach it to your system in mere seconds.

Engaging with Pandio’s Presto is easy and simple!

Presto is an excellent solution when you need open-source, reliable, secure, and fast SQL queries with seamless integration and unprecedented scalability. Since Presto doesn’t need any coding, even those with limited experience can use it with ease. 

It is fully compatible with many distributed file systems such as RDS/MySQL, RDS/PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Elastichsearch, MongoDB Atlas Database, Apache Cassandra, Hadoop, etc. On top of that, Presto allows you to install and run it where you want, so you don’t have to invest in a completely new infrastructure to use it. Instead, simply run the service on your existing infrastructure. 

One of the best things about this managed service is that the user gets complete control of the deployment phase. That eliminates any performance issues and provides businesses with a consistent, secure, and reliable SQL query infrastructure that guarantees top performance. 

Presto is also an excellent solution for performing all sorts of interactive analysis, as its optimized query engine allows for extremely fast performance. If your company requires managing big data, Presto is a top-class distributed SQL system built on cutting-edge data querying infrastructure that supports a wide variety of data sources.

Using Presto provides your company with a few useful benefits:

  • Presto is cost-efficient as you can easily apply it to your existing cloud infrastructure;
  • It can perform fast data analytics regardless of the amount of data;
  • The process of integration is fast and simple;
  • You can perform multi-layered queries on multiple data sources;
  • Presto extracts and handles data quickly and efficiently from various data sources of any size or type;
  • It is much faster and cheaper than most competitive alternatives.

Presto allows you to streamline and simplify your queries across all sorts of data sources. It doesn’t require any additional infrastructure investment and is an open-source, fully adjustable solution with multiple cloud capabilities and a simple integration process. 

You can easily automate your cluster management and save time, effort, and resources that you’d otherwise spend on operational costs. Finally, Presto utilizes a pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows you to choose the features you need and pay only for what you use.

Visit Pandio for more information on managed Presto service!

If you want to learn more about how Presto can benefit your business and all its features, visit Pandio and speak with an expert to get more details on how Presto can drive more value for your company. You can also test Pandio’s managed Presto service for free to see how it measures up to your standards and determine whether it can suit your specific business and data management needs.

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