Why a Managed Service Might Make Sense for your Distributed Messaging

Instant and distributed messaging is taking the world by storm. Like with social media apps, more and more companies are using distributed messaging solutions to streamline their communications. Messaging apps like Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp have already gathered more than 6 billion users, and that number continues to grow.

Managed distributed messaging is ideal for companies with smaller customer service teams who don’t have the resources or time to deploy and maintain customer event streaming infrastructure. 

Instead of breaking the budget and working around the clock, it’s much easier to hire a managed service and have professionals monitor, log, scale, and maintain their infrastructure. Such a service also provides SDKs and APIs for analytics and streaming that allow development teams to increase their productivity and efficiency. 

On the other hand, if a business decides to manage its distributed messaging needs on its own, it could take months to deploy – not to mention that such a configuration isn’t scalable or flexible enough to support the growth plans. Let’s see how a managed service for your distributed messaging can improve your business.

Key Technical Considerations

Thousands of companies relied on the internet to expand into new markets, attract more consumers, and grow their businesses. However, many of these organizations weren’t aware of the huge challenge they would be dealing with – coping with enormous amounts of data being generated daily. 

Organizations need data to provide unprecedented customer experience, improve decision-making, and get into the latest technologies like AI and machine learning. To do that, they need the best, most competitive solutions to build data pipelines, manage customer data, and all other information that is coming and going. 

That’s where streaming platforms and distributed messaging come in. Like with any other technological solution and software tool, the internet provides countless options. However, only a few brands provide complete solutions that will really help companies address their communication and streaming needs. 

Solutions like Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar make managing messages as easy as it can be. Instead of wasting time and resources on managing heavy messaging traffic on your own, you can have a professional company do it for you. 

A managed service helps you handle the security, durability, and performance of your messaging needs, allowing you to shift your focus on the core mission. Such a solution provides organizations with a range of useful benefits:

  • Managed services help businesses adopt messaging and streaming architecture on an organizational level more efficiently, affordably, and timely;
  • Hiring a managed service for handling your distributed messaging needs is a better investment than spending a fortune on setting up and staffing a 24/7 customer support center;
  • Make your business more competitive and authoritative by adopting top solutions like Apache Pulsar with real-time analytics and persistent, secure storage for your valuable data.

Choosing a solution like Apache Pulsar as your consolidated messaging platform provides quite a few advantages for businesses:

  • Multi-tenancy;
  • Geo-replication;
  • Persistent and secure data storage;
  • Zero message loss;
  • On-premise or cloud solution;
  • Message guarantees.

Reasons to Choose Managed Service for Distributed Messaging

Choosing a managed service provider for your distributed messaging allows for an impeccable performance that your customers will appreciate. Aside from giving you a fully managed and efficient service, distributed messaging solutions like Apache Pulsar are both reliable and scalable. They are also affordable, allowing users to pay only for what they use.

You get enterprise-grade solutions with all the vital applications that will guarantee maximum uptime and the ultimate performance. The latest solutions are also fully optimized with AI and can handle millions of messages in mere seconds. 

For example, Pandio’s Apache Pulsar provides a managed service for distributed messaging that guarantees flexible deployments, maximum control over all business communications, zero operational burden, easy deployment, teams of messaging experts, and much more. 

Such a solution provides organizations of all sizes with a lot of useful benefits, such as:

  • Full messaging support for maximum performance;
  • No operational cost except for what you use;
  • Maximum uptime, security, and stability with regular upgrades and updates;
  • Optimal latency;
  • Quick integrations.

Another great reason to choose a managed service for distributed messaging is that it’s available for instant use. In other words, you don’t need to buy and deploy any software or hardware. 

A managed service allows you to:

  • Manage message queues;
  • Get high-security access control;
  • Store your data in high-reliability storage;
  • Ensure correct and reliable message content;
  • Fully scale your messaging to support your business growth.

If you’re looking for a solution that will support your critical business applications, offer maximum uptime, enhanced security, and high availability, you’ll need a managed service for distributed messaging. 

A managed service provider like Pandio provides a distributed messaging service built for AI. Such a service allows you to develop a robust messaging system that is fully scalable and secure. 


Whether your business involves media, financial services, government infrastructures, retail, technology, or telecom, a managed service allows you to scale your data messaging at affordable prices without any disturbances to your ongoing systems and business applications. 

Most solutions are easy to use and deploy and are fully reliable and scalable to allow you to seamlessly move across industries and market verticals. 

Modern companies need expert services to beat the competition and provide the target audiences with unprecedented customer experiences. Such services allow your organization to create a flawless messaging system that will give you full control over your inbound and outbound communications.

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