Why Use a Managed Service for Distributed Messaging?

When you’re running a business, it’s quite easy to succumb to all the pressure, as there are simply too many things that require your attention. Aside from the mandatory, everyday business communication, there are other aspects to worry about, such as maintaining your servers or collaboration among your employees. 

To keep your business profitable, you’ll need a reliable and trustworthy managed service to outsource your daily needs. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, distributed, instant messaging has become a dominant force in the digital business landscape. More and more businesses are relying on distributed messaging solutions to improve collaboration and streamline their communications. 

Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber have already become part of our daily life. Managed distributed messaging is the perfect solution for businesses with smaller capacities for customer support without the necessary resources to manage their event streaming and messaging needs on their own. 

However, trusting a managed service with your data and security isn’t easy, and you also have to consider your budget. With that in mind, let’s discuss some of the most important benefits of using a managed service for distributed messaging.

Less operational complexity

Expanding into new markets and attracting new prospects takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. However, the biggest challenge comes from handling huge loads of data daily. Modern businesses rely on data to harness the power of AI technologies, make better, more actionable decisions, and deliver the highest level of customer experience. 

They can’t accomplish any of these goals without the ultimate solution for managing customer data. That is exactly where managed distributed messaging comes into play. It helps businesses solve their streaming and communication problems by removing all the extra operational complexity from managing customer interactions and countless messages on a regular basis. 

Instead of breaking your budget by dealing with heavy messaging traffic yourself, you can have a trustworthy managed service handle all the performance, durability, and safety of your messaging traffic. That leaves you more time to focus on more pressing matters.

Less HR/recruiting challenges

Some of the biggest recruiting challenges involve communicating with countless candidates, managing all their information, replying to their messages across preferred channels, etc. 

Fortunately, managed distributed messaging solutions, such as managed Apache Pulsar, can help you handle all those challenges with ease. In fact, that is the entire point of having a managed distributed messaging service in place – to make managing messaging and other means of communication as simple as possible. 

A managed service can offer a few good benefits to your business:

  • It helps your business adopt more timely, affordable, and efficient streaming and messaging infrastructure;
  • Instead of setting up and staffing an HR team for a recruiting support center, it’s much easier and more affordable to use a managed service to handle your recruiting/HR needs;
  • Since managed distributed messaging allows you to handle a heavy load of data and traffic daily, you’ll be able to find and acquire top talent for your business needs. 

In the end, it can make your company more authoritative and competitive. Providing your consumers with unprecedented customer experience is just as important as delivering top user experience to every candidate you interview.

Make your business more competitive!

Using a managed service provider for handling all your distributed messaging needs allows you to regroup and significantly boost your performance to provide your consumers with the products, services, and experience they deserve. 

Aside from providing you with a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient service, hiring a managed service provider also makes your business more scalable and more affordable, as most managed service providers allow you to pay only for the features you use. 

A managed service helps you get ahead of your competitors by making your business more customer-centric. It can also guarantee improved performance and maximum uptime. More importantly, it will ensure ease of use when handling millions of messages in a timely manner. 

With advantages such as zero message loss, secure data storage, geo-replication, and multi-tenancy,  a managed service for distributed messaging will enhance every aspect of your business. That includes everything from handling your communications to keeping your customers happy. 

It’s affordable

One of the biggest reasons your business should use a managed service for distributed messaging is its immense affordability. Such solutions are very cost-effective as they allow you to choose the features you need and only pay for what you use. 

On top of that, you won’t need any additional software/hardware as such a service is ready for deployment right away. A managed service can also help your organization access economies of scale by directly lowering your operating costs and increasing your revenues. 

Aside from saving time, effort, and resources, managed distributed messaging can also:

  • Provide support for expanding your business into new markets;
  • Ensure no customers are left with their queries unanswered;
  • Ensure reliable, accurate, and up-to-date message content;
  • Provide reliable and secure data storage;
  • Manage heavy messaging traffic and message queues;
  • Guarantee maximum stability, security, and uptime of your managed distributed messaging architecture.


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No matter what industry you belong to, managed distributed messaging is the future of business communications. It helps your company scale your customer interactions in the most cost-efficient way while ensuring minimal disturbances to your daily business operations, applications, and systems. 
More importantly, such solutions are easy to use and deploy, scalable, reliable, and help your organization deliver a top-class customer experience to every consumer. Develop a consolidated messaging system that will allow you to take your inbound and outbound communication to the next level. It will make your brand more authoritative and competitive in the internet-driven business landscape.

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