Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apache Pulsar?

Apache Pulsar is the leading distributed messaging platform for enterprise workloads that combines event streaming, message queuing and pub/sub functionality.

Who Should Use Apache Pulsar?

Any enterprise business with a microservices architecture can benefit from Apache Pulsar. Apache Pulsar is the data fabric that enables an organization to speak to its databases, programs, and applications both internally and externally.

How does Apache Pulsar's Performance Compare to Apache Kafka?

In third-party tests undertaken by the Linux Foundation, Apache Pulsar consistently outperformed Apache Kafka in both throughput and latency metrics. In general, the specific use case will impact a respective organization’s experience.

How Much Do Distributed Messaging Services Cost With Pandio?

Pandio uses a traditional cloud pricing model – please see the pricing section for further details.

Why should I hire Pandio for Managed Services?

As a business scales, distributed messaging is a complex task to manage. There is constant performance optimization, tuning, and load balancing that needs to be done in order to derive the full potential from the platform. Resources to manage these systems are scarce and expensive. Choosing Pandio to host your distributed messaging allows your tech team to focus on their core competencies while being confident that data will flow securely and efficiently across the organization.


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